halloween costume diy // queen of hearts

Hey friends! I thought I would share with you all what I did for my Halloween costume this year!

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge Halloween person (never did the whole “college halloween” thing) but a friend of mine told me about how The Boston Children’s Museum was going to put on a “Grownups Night” where you dress up, buy drinks, and explore the Children’s Museum. So I said why not!

I had a certain costume in mind, that appeared on Lauren Conrad’s blog last year. A DIY Queen of Hearts that is classy, cute and SO easy to make. The blogger that was featured is named Haley from Me and Mr. Jones and I’ve linked her tutorial here, to give you step by step instructions in case you need a last minute costume!

I made a few changes to mine (being the minimalist that I am). Here’s what I used:

  • black crop top (forever 21)
  • tulle skirt (charlotte russe)
  • black wedge booties (tjmaxx)
  • black tights
  • 3 large red paper hearts
  • safety pins
  • deck of cards
  • stapler
  • krazy glue
  • hole punch
  • black ribbon

queenofhearts img_1372

My take on this adorable costume was a bit more money savvy – since I’m not really into Halloween, I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on my costume. So I thought about what I already owned and went from there!

For Haley’s costume, she wore a fringe crop top and a white tulle skirt. I have ALWAYS wanted a tulle skirt. I don’t have many opportunities to wear one, but I thought this was the perfect opportunity to justify buying one 🙂 To be honest, I would never wear a white tulle skirt other than for this costume. HOWEVER, a black tulle skirt would be more versatile (at least in my closet). So I figured, I would buy a black tulle skirt that I can wear more than once instead of a white one. I already have a couple outfits that I’m planning on sharing for the upcoming holidays. Thank you Charlotte Russe! They have a few different styles for tulle skirts (there’s a blush pink one that I REALLY want).

I already own a black crop top and black booties (I wouldn’t wear red shoes other than for this costume – another money saver!)

I had some cardstock laying around so I cut three large hearts and safety pinned them to the skirt. For the crown, I bought a red deck of cards ($3). Haley has linked a template for the crown that I used to make mine. I found it super helpful to use Krazy Glue instead of a glue gun to attach the cards. Before folding the cards to form a crown, I stapled them together for an extra hold (Krazy Glue won’t hold when the cards bend). Once I stapled the crown together, I punched two holes on opposite sides and fed a black ribbon through. This makes the crown into a headband. The nice thing is that because of the holes, you can slide the crown to wherever you want it to sit on your head.

So there you go – a super easy, cute and cheap costume idea! I ultimately spent $30 on this costume (convinced myself of that tulle skirt!) but you could easily go check out a thrift store and find a cheap skirt.

Hope you all have a fun, safe Halloweekend! I’ll be spending mine watching scary movies and drinking apple cider sangria 🙂

DIY Window Picture Frame

Hi Friends, I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends!

This Christmas, I made my mother a picture frame with an old window I picked up on the side of the road. I thought I’d share how I made it 🙂

Materials :

Old window

Photos {I used old black and white family photos}


Krazy Glue

Staple Gun


{Step One} Clean the window and figure out the placement of the pictures. The pictures I used are different sizes so I placed them with that in mind.

{Step Two} Measure out the burlap. I bought some from Michael’s and placed it over the window. I didn’t use exact measurements, but cut the burlap a little bit smaller than the actual window frame. I knew I was going to attach the burlap on the sides, so be sure not to cut it too small. You don’t want to see the ends of the burlap through the window, or on the outsides of the frame.


{Step Three} I used Krazy glue to glue the burlap on the top of the window. This way the burlap is in place, but you can still lift it so you can place the pictures.

{Step Four} Place the photos in the correct places.

{Step Five} Using the Krazy glue, glue the burlap to the photos and the other sides of the frame. I also glued the burlap to the muntins {a muntin is a strip of wood or metal separating and holding panes of glass in a window}.


{Step Six} For an extra hold, I used a staple gun to staple the burlap to the sides of the window and where the munitions intersected. I also folded the burlap so that there was a clean edge which made it easier to staple.



And you’re done! It’s very easy to make and inexpensive! Great gift idea, and my mom loved it.


DIY Chalkboard Plaque

Right now, I’m OBSESSED with chalkboard paint and I have an array of projects on my to do list that involve it. I was inspired to do this project by a pin I pinned a while ago for a “verse of the week” chalkboard. So here is my rendition:



  • Chalkboard paint // I used valspar in the can, not spray, that I bought for $10 at Lowe’s.
  • Wooden plaque // Michael’s  ($8)
  • Paint roller (sponge) // my basement ($0 Always the best!)


Step one : I mixed the paint and poured it into the tray. I applied it evenly onto my roller by rolling it in the tray. Be sure not to have too much paint on the roller or else the paint won’t be applied evenly!


Step two : I applied two coats of paint (be sure to let each coat dry before applying the next).


Step three : I rubbed some chalk on its side – sort of as a base coat. I wiped it off before writing on it.


Step four : I painted the sides white for a more finished look.

And there you have it folks: a chalkboard plaque. That was SO hard. I sure worked up a sweat 😉

But really, in all honesty this is such an easy project and it’s so cute! Wouldn’t make a bad holiday gift this year either 😉