hiatus is over // new name + new look

Hey there blog world! I know I know…it’s been awhile. But I am very excited to be back and back with a purpose! Now that I am a college graduate (hahawaitwhat?) I want to get back into blogging and with good reason. So without further ado…

welcome to theclarissab etc!

theclarissab is the name of my freelance graphic design and photography business. This blog is an extension of my business…hence theclarissab etc. You will find much of what I was posting before (diy, fashion, etc) but with the added addition of life updates, design + photo related posts and relevant information pertaining to theclarissab! I want to combine all my interests into one creative space in addition to theclarissab.com and my Facebook page. I’m very excited to get started (well…more like get back to) and am looking forward to this next chapter.

Hope all is well and you are enjoying your summer!



PS this used to be thatsbeautifultome incase you forgot and were wondering who the heck is this 😉


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