Spring Dreamin’

I am done with snow. And winter.

Okay so I do love winter and colder weather, but really only during the holidays. Come January I’ve usually had enough and am ready to get into spring. But since spring is a ways away…I thought I’d share some of my favorite spring inspired outfits via Pinterest, because that’s the only outlet I have for when I’m longing for warmer weather.

The greatest thing about spring is that you can incorporate pieces from all seasons into your outfits. The weather isn’t quite warm enough for summer weather, but you don’t necessarily need a winter coat.


I think this outfit is my favorite pin on Pinterest right now. I’m slightly obsessed with those shoes – I love that they’re flats but have a cute ankle strap! And I love the cuffed denim paired with a simple white top and blush colored sweater. This is such a cute outfit for anything from being out and about or going out for dinner. I’m definitely on the look out for a pair of shoes like these and a cardigan in a similar color.


Classy, trendy, and flattering! Love the print of this skirt, and I love how it’s paired with a structured white crop top. So springy! And the crop top isn’t too cropped, and who doesn’t love a high-waisted skirt amiright?

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I am always one for skinnies & flowy shirts. I love these two tops, and I’ve been looking for a flowy, oversized stripped top for a while now. And you can never go wrong with a cute chiffon top. Not to mention those cute shoes on both gals.


Here’s another outfit I love for spring! A high-waisted (I’m just a real big fan of high-waisted anything, can you tell?) skirt in my favorite color, paired with an adorable jacket, button down, and riding boots! This is such a transitional outfit, easily worn in spring or fall. I like the length of the skirt as well, not too short but not an A-line.


On a more comfortable note, I love this outfit for its laid-back look. Cuffed denim with Keds; you can do no wrong! Denim and Keds are great with a cute top or if you are feeling more laid back, just a sweatshirt or light sweater will do. It’s more of a casual look, but can still be stylish. If you’re looking for a cheaper pair of white sneaks like Keds, check out these ones from Target.


Ankle boots, sweater, collared shirt, and skinnies. The perfect combo for spring weather.

Fun fact: this blogger actually made those glitter boots. Her DIY is here. Once I find a pair of ankle boots to replace my old ones, I might try this out!

* * *

So needless to say, I’m very excited for spring weather to kick in, even though I’m a couple of months off. But Pinterest is keeping my spirits up! In the coming months I’ll be keeping an eye out for some of these pieces to add to my wardrobe, and will probably be adding to my list as spring gets closer.

xo Clarissa

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