DIY Pin Board

DIY Pin Board




– Cheap cork board

– Fabric

– Decorative nails

– Staple gun

This project is so simple – all you need to do is buy a cheap cork board, find a fabric you love, and create! I found this gold polka dot burlap from JoAnn Fabrics and bought extra, but if you aren’t interested in having extra fabric, I would add at least two inches to the dimensions of the cork board and go from there. While I was in JoAnn’s, I picked up these decorative nails to add to my board as well.


Lay the fabric down and place the cork board face down. Fold the fabric over the sides and then fold the corners. Use your staple gun to attach the fabric on the sides. Make sure you pull the fabric tightly so that the fabric isn’t loose.



As a finishing touch, I used my decorative nails to create a border around the cork board. It’s a cute addition, as well as another way to keep the fabric in place.


And then you’re done! Great option for a gift or for your own space. I made mine when I started putting together my new craft room and I love it. Now to find some cute push pins 🙂

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