Girls Day Out {Consigning + Lunch + OOTD}

Yesterday, before it snowed again, a friend and I spent the morning consigning clothes. With coffee in hand, we went to our local Buffalo Exchange. This was also both our first time consigning, so we were very excited to see how it would go. Normally, I just donate my clothes but I thought I’d try consigning to see if I could make any money, being a broke college student and all. I brought two bags of clothes and shoes, not sure what they would take.  I did some research before hand and made the conclusion that they might be a little picky with the clothes they buy. I called a couple days before to figure out how the process works, and the sales woman gave me the lowdown:

  1. Come in anytime during business hours
  2. Bring transitional pieces for Spring
  3. You get 30% of retail price in cash or 50% in store credit

I had a generous amount of clothing, so I figured I’d just bring everything (better more than less, right?) We arrived late morning when it wasn’t too busy. My friend, Lindsay, went first. The sales woman went through each piece, inspecting it and either putting it into the computer and telling us how much it would sell in the store, or she’d put it back on the counter. They only took a few pieces of Lindsay’s, which we were both surprised by because she had some nice items – Vera, Banana, Urban, etc.  Overall, she only got about $15 (she opted for cash) and left with many of the items she came with.

I ended up with about $30 in cash. I had a lot items as well that they didn’t take, which I was surprised by. They took a couples of my tops and two pairs of shoes. Afterwards, we tried looking to see if there were any other consignment shops in the area, but unfortunately they were either upscale shops looking for designers, or they were closed because it was President’s Day. I did find Plato’s Closest but the closest one was a little too far away, so maybe next time.

ma1-out-lg Buffalo Exchange

We ended our day with a nice Panera trip (who doesn’t love Panera?!) We both got the you pick two broccoli cheddar soup. I opted for chicken caesar salad and Lindsay went for a panini.


Overall, it was just an OK experience. They didn’t take as much as we had hoped, but I guess that’s just how it is. I might try out Plato’s Closet sometime, or just continue donating my clothes. I definitely don’t discourage consigning with Buffalo though – I LOVE the store (shoutout to my friend Natalie for introducing me) and might sell my clothes to them again. Now I just have a pile of clothes I don’t wear and need to figure out what to do with! Definitely check out Buffalo and see if there’s one near you if you’ve never been. They are an awesome consignment shop that sell your everyday brands as well as some nicer brand-name items.

{ }

I also wanted to share my outfit of the day:






Sweater // Forever 21 $25

Flannel // Forever 21 $30

Jeans //  American Eagle $20

Boots // Payless $14

Necklace // The Paper Store $6.50

Bag // Target $30

Watch // American Eagle $20

I did post an outfit very similar to this one awhile back, but I just really love my booties – I bought them the other day for only $14 and wanted to do an OOTD with them. I’m sure they’ll make more appearances 🙂

4 thoughts on “Girls Day Out {Consigning + Lunch + OOTD}

  1. Take your clothes to Salvation Army and get a receipt. Then you can deduct the amount off your taxes as a charitable contribution. Or donate to a shelter.

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