Room Makeover {Roselande & I Edition}

My family is currently in the process of adopting a sassy, fun – loving 15 year old girl from Haiti, named Roselande. We started the process back in November of 2010, and are now coming up on 3.5 years. Haitian adoptions take EXTRA long unfortunately, but it’s all in God’s timing, and we are in the home stretch thankfully.

I am one of three – I have two brothers, so naturally I’ve had my own room growing up. But now that I have a sister coming, I’ll be making room for her. My older brother has the biggest bedroom out of the three of us kids, so we made the decision to switch bedrooms; Richard, my older brother, moved into my bedroom, and Roselande and I will have his bigger bedroom. I have so many ideas for what I want to do (I love nothing more than a clean slate!), that I thought I’d share the before and after, and all the little projects in between. Like I said, I have A LOT of ideas, so I’m very excited to share them and can’t wait to see the finished project myself! As of now, there’s nothing to share but once we get the ball rolling, I’ll be sure to post. In the meantime, here’s a picture of Roselande and I together in 2012, which was the last time I was in Haiti. I’m beyond excited to have her home, which HOPEFULLY will be within the next few months.


Be sure to check back for updates 🙂

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